56 sleeps till Christmas

I have been playing catch up this week, or so it feels! I wake up in the morning hit the deck running and don’t seem to stop until I am back in bed at night time , at which point I am so tired I can barely stay awake to watch a TV show.

The hope is, that as we get closer to Christmas and the festive season, things will start wrapping up and we can focus on the good stuff, the fun stuff. My column is due tomorrow this is the final edition of the paper for the year. Also I need to get the roster out for next years Festival so that people can start reserving the date. There is a presentation that needs to be finalised for an annual forum, not to mention everything else, birthdays, anniversary’s, sports break ups, graduation I could go on but my head is spinning thinking about it all.

With only 56 sleeps till Christmas I don’t know whether to be excited so just terrified!!! Am I the only one feeling the pressure I wonder??


I choose life

We had CPR training at work today, it is always good to have a refresher in first aid and CPR it makes you feel just that little bit more confident knowing that if the need ever did God forbid arise you would have a small idea of what to do and who knows, hopefully even be able to help save a life.

In Victoria 80% of the population is now trained in CPR this is the highest number for any state in the world. It is quite an impressive number I feel, but despite so many people being trained in CPR many people are still not willing to step in and help in an emergency we were told today. Disappointing I think.

If there is one thing that is drilled into us year after year in these refresher courses is that you should definitely have a go. If someone is not breathing by doing something you are at least giving them a chance at survival whereas by doing nothing you are effectively condemning them to certain death. I hope that if ever faced with a life or death situation that I would choose life.




Shopping with Tweens

Shopping is a woman’s favourite pastime, this is an indisputable fact, however shopping with tween daughters is not the most enjoyable thing I must say. My daughter is 12 and we have been looking and looking and trying on dress after dress after dress in search of the perfect grade six Graduation dress with no success.

The dresses I like she doesn’t, the ones she likes well I just don’t. What makes it extra hard is finding anything in her size, the dresses we have looked at have either been way too big and therefore do not sit right or look good for that matter, or too kiddy looking, she is after all almost a teenager and the thought of buying a dress from the children’s section just mortifies her.

But we are running out of time, most of the girls already have their dresses so the pressure is well and truly on now. I have been thinking about trying the internet next but I’m worried about sizes and shopping on line. Any suggestions??



Friday night


After a lovely dinner with the girls, it’s nice to come home to a quiet house, the kids fast asleep, hubby happy watching the cricket.

Time to snuggle up with my beautiful DT and catch up on what’s been happening in the blogosphere. Happy Friday every one.