Talk about ruining a good day.

Today was a good day right up to the very end and then I ruined it!!

I had a fun day at work, the best part was when I heard from my friend who has been dealing with loss and for the first time in a very long time she sounded more like her usual self, which was such a huge relief!

Then Harry had soccer training and that is always fun, and directly after that George had basketball training and I got to pop in a visit mum and dad for a bit, like I said all good. Finally make it home drive into the garage and suddenly remember that I didn’t drop off the stuff that mum sent for my sister. So as I go to drive back out of the garage I forget that I had pressed the remote so the door is coming down.

The garage door came down hard on the the roof of my car I panicked and drove back into the garage the whole top of my car is now scratched and the garage door dented.

Lucky for me I have a lovely husband who wasn’t too mad and loves me regardless.

Yellow Card

Today Harry got his first yellow card at Soccer and I have to say now that I have actually read up on what a yellow card is for, that I don’t think it was warranted .

Harry chased a boy on the opposing side down the field all the way up to the goal square neck for neck with both boy’s eyes on the ball. Just before the goal square Harry tried to kick the ball away they both slipped in the mud and tumbled over each other. Harry was awarded the yellow card (the first yellow card for our team for the season I might add) and the other boy was awarded a penalty which resulted in a goal.

The yellow card came as a hard blow for Harry, I think he felt as though he were in trouble because of it. The coach made a joke and a lot of the attention was on Harry as a result, something that he is not at all comfortable with. We tried to reassure Harry that everything was ok but the more we went on about it the more upset he became.

Needless to say it ruined the rest of our day, as Harry was too upset to want to do anything after that. A real shame as we were playing in beautiful Healesville today and the weather was beautiful so it would have been a great day out.

I wish I had asked the referee what the unsportsmanlike behavior that Harry was in breach of was, if not for any other reason as to be able to explain it to Harry.

Worth fighting for

I know how lucky I am, and how lucky my children are (even if they don’t always see this). We have been blessed with a loving family that support and love us unconditionally.

Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky though. I was reminded of this yet again today as I tended to a little 9 year old girl who was feeling a little overwhelmed and scared as she waited in the waiting room of our health centre for her mother who was meeting with her drug and alcohol counsellor and a representative from Child Protection Services.

Her fear manifested itself in the form of an upset stomach, and she came over asking if I could call her mum because she was not feeling well. It was clear that she was stressing.

Mum came out of the meeting and reassured her that everything was ok, but the little girl was not convinced. As I walked mum back to the counseling room she explained to me that her daughter was worried that child protection would take her away again.

I was heartbroken for this beautiful innocent little girl who had obviously had to deal with more than anyone her age should ever have to deal with.

I hope that mum finds the courage to embark on her journey of recovery for her child’s sake. Fighting addiction is hard but if ever there was something worth fighting for then this is it.