Easter break has begun

Easter is almost here and I’m feeling kind of bad, that I find myself looking more forward to the four day break than the actual celebration of Easter itself.

This year we are lucky in that both Greek Easter and Catholic Easter happen to fall on the same day. Bonus, one celebration for both. My mum is having us all over at Easter, for one of her famous, delicious, lip smacking, mouth watering lunches.

Still there is much to prepare before then. I still have shopping to do, eggs to dye (the traditional Greek way), a pile of laundry to tackle, housework that never seems to end. I could go on but I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

So for the time being I will rejoice knowing that work is four glorious days away, there is an obscene amount of chocolate in my house, and I have ahead of me four days of fun with my family as we come together to celebrate Easter.

The Mutt’s Nutts


Today I was lucky enough to have tickets to the hilarious comedy show “The Mutt’s Nutts” featuring international Dog Listener Tony Knight.

The event which was a dinner and show was part of The Melbourne Comedy Festival. Ticket sales were in support of The Golden Retriever Rescue Organization, so not only did we have an awesome time but we were supporting a great cause at the sand time.

Tony Knight entertained the crowd with his side splitting stories from the other side of the leash.

He offered valuable insight on how dogs think and act. Not surprisingly dogs behave a lot like humans we were informed as we are both pack animals.

I laughed a lot and had a lovely meal in a quaint little pizzeria. The company was great in fact the whole evening was my idea of heaven.



How hard is it to make toast??? Not very hard right? Even someone with limited cooking knowledge should be right with toasting a piece of bread. So how come no matter how much I try I hardly ever get it right?

It’s either so badly burnt that the smoke alarm is blaring, or undercooked so it tastes like a warmed up piece of bread. I have tried adjusting the settings of the toaster but that doesn’t help much, seems the only thing I can really do is stand next to the toaster and push the button every couple of minutes to make sure it is cooked right. But who has time for that? So I opt to take my chances kind of like a roulette and hope for the best.

Today’s toast was a flop. Again. My daughter was quick to point out that it had been over done and this was the second attempt, I’d binned the first lot. My son’s toast on the other hand was underdone.

I follow many food blogs that I love and despite how it may sound I’m not that bad of a cook, but toast has me beat. I wonder if there is a sure fire way to cook toast so that it is not overdone or under cooked? Surely I can’t possibly be the only person who struggles with this.