One step closer 

Well I’m one step closer to going to Italy tonight, because today I lodged and paid for my passport. Yay!!

It was rather funny in a kind of sad way – when I showed the lady my birth certificate she gasped at how old it looked! I had to remind her that I am no spring chicken – mind you this young lady would have been all of what twenty two.
So now it’s just a matter of waiting out the two to three weeks that it takes for the passport to arrive. I can’t tell you how excited I am. 
Italy here I come !!!


Another sad day today with yet another young life ended by suicide!! Word came from the boys school this morning via text message advising the parents that a former student of the college had suddenly lost his life over the weekend and that counselling was being made available to all the boys that have been affected by this.

There was a mass held for all the year 10 students today in memory of the lost child.
My thoughts go out to his parents and family I can only imagine the pain they are going through. 
Why oh why – what a waste of a young life!! The second one we have heard of in a matter of months.  No matter how bad things may appear they will get better, they always do. Life is such a precious gift. 
Rest In Peace