A day in the life of a back yard dog 

This is just so sad!! Incase you can’t read it properly I have pasted the link, hope it works.

Let’s spread the word so that no dog becomes a backyard dog. 



Life is a roller coaster 

Another week has come and gone and believe it or not -and I am really struggling to believe it – the end of term 1 is here already!!

This means we are already a quarter of the way in to the school year.
I had a sense that this year was going to be different and so far it hasn’t disappointed – lots of ups but just as many downs. 
It’s like my own private roller coaster ride. I read somewhere – most probably on Pintrest – that if life does not have ups and downs it means you are dead.
Well I’m not dead that’s for sure, spinning a little yes, but still alive and only 6 months away from my long awaited trip to Italy.