Not again!! 

I dropped my iPhone again!!! Grrrr and Yep you guessed it smashed the screen, again!!!! So now there is not only a half moon crack across the bottom half of the screen but there is also a shattered bit in the bottom left corner. 
I am tossing up whether to get the screen replaced but I just keep thinking what’s the point if I’m just going to be dropping it again!!
Might be time to get one of those super hard trade’s cases again!!! 


 Great night out with the girls, dinner and live show with BABBA – a cover-band for ABBA!!

 There were like 30,000 women (slight exaggeration ) and only 20 or so men, but the night was just awesome almost three hours of back to back ABBA’s greatest hits!! 

  There was lots of dancing and singing and laughing and drinking. Lots of women just letting their hair down and having a great time. Who doesn’t love ABBA’s songs!!! 

Careers expo and information session 

Just got back from a careers expo and information night at my son’s college. The night was very informative but very very daunting!! My son is half way through year 10 and this expo and information night was in preparation of Year 11 and 12.
There were stalls from all the leading Universities and Tafe’s in Victoria, along with The Police force, VACC, The Army, William Angliss, Real Estate agents and others, too many to remember them all.

We collected so many books /career guides, pamphlets and flyers that there is just no way we can get through them all. 

School based apprenticeships looked quite good too and for a second my son seemed to consider a school based apprenticeship in the automotive industry but ultimately health science is were we are heading I think – exercise physiology , physiotherapy etc. 

To get into one of the better Universities for Health Science you need an Atar score of 60ish with a 30 in English which is achievable I think/hope. 

I spoke with the senior school curriculum coordinator about my son dropping Maths next year he struggles with it so much, and her suggestion was to continue basic maths in year 11 because many courses only need unit 1 & 2 Maths.

I walked away feeling a lot better and I think George did too, at least we have some idea were we are heading now. 
Best part of the evening was the year 11 curriculum coordinator who was George’s English teacher last semester (and who is just the loveliest man ever ) went over and sat with George and was talking to him about university and subjects and life and i really think he got through to him, he is such a cool man the boys all love him . I was so appreciative. The year 10 coordinator also called George into his office earlier today and had a quiet word to him as I had requested. But Mr Burt (the English teacher – year 11 curriculum coordinator did it all on his own accord. As I said he is just lovely.

I think we will both sleep better tonight, it is very hard being a teenager these days, things are just so different now!! There is more competition out there, more pressure and if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do – and let’s face it who really does at 16 – then it’s just so stressful and I’ve gotta say draining.