Soccer is back 

So I’m feeling a little disappointed , they announced the two teams for soccer today, there is the A team and of course the B team and as you would expect everyone wants to be on the A team. 

Well not everyone, some kids just want to play soccer with their friends and thankfully my son falls into this category. 
I can’t help feeling bad though for all the boys that did want to get in to the A team though but didn’t make it. There were some very sad faces around the club this afternoon and that goes for both kids and parents.
Hopefully by next Tuesday when training resumes again, everyone will be happy and excited for the new season.  I have put my hand up to be manager for the B team, I’m  sure it will be a challenging  but also rewarding role. 

Thank God the week is over

I am not sad to see this week over it has been challenging to say the least. My body is screaming go to bed but my mind is saying nope you need to celebrate – good bye bad week, hello fun filled weekend, 

Happy weekend WordPress 

Echidna crossing 

An echidna crossing the road is not something  you see every day, but in beautiful Belgrave, Echidnas are just part of the beautiful scenery.

Today I was reminded yet again what an absolute joy animals are. After what can only be described as a horrific day yesterday to be able to just pause along with the rest of the traffic and just watch that beautiful little echidna waddle across the road was just so delightful, it lifted my spirits and brought the first genuine smile to my face since yesterday.
No wonder I prefer animals to people, animals make the world a better place, they are genuine and honest.