Wheels for Dogs


I saw the most amazing and at the same time saddest thing today. A Staffordshire terrier with either a back or hind leg problem fitted into what looked like a wheelchair come go kart contraption which allowed the dog to be out walking happily with its owner. Just like in the photo pictured above.

I looked up walking aids for dogs on the Internet and was amazed by the selection available. Prices seem to range between $250 for small dogs to $500 for your larger breeds. The best type of dog wheelchair or dog cart would seem to be the adjustable type as they can adjust accordingly to accommodate any size dog, they can be changed as the dogs health changes or grows and they can easily be readjusted for use by other dogs.

As with anything it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian before purchasing a dog wheelchair. In some instances your vet may be able to order it for you. There are many sites available on the Internet you will be surprised to see.

How nice is it to know that even when our beloved dogs become old, even if they develop lower back or hind leg problems that they will still be able to live relatively mobile happy lives thanks to inventions such as these.




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