What is going on…….

What is going on in this world? In the last two days I have witnessed two very sad and disheartening things . Yesterday we found a young disabled man asleep outside on the concrete outside a community house. The only protection from the cold he had was an old worn out blanket thrown over the top of him. We asked if he wanted to come inside and have a warm drink and something to eat but he did not. He took off shorty afterwards. I found myself thinking about him all day, and I prayed and hoped that he was alright and that he would find somewhere warm to sleep. What was his story? How did he end up outside the community house asleep on the concrete in the cold?

In stark contrast today two also young in age, men, just walked out of Myers with their arms full of clothing that they did not pay for. The alarm went off and those of us standing around nearby just watched them leave in shock. Why? What would possess someone to do such a thing? I’ve heard of people stealing things before of course shoplifting but one item not ten or so at a time, and never imagined it happening so brazenly. They didn’t even have the decency to try and conceal themselves or the clothes they were carrying, it was just so mind-boggling!!

What is going on in this world? I hope this is not a sign of the times!! For if it is what a sad world our children are growing up in.


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