Getting a pet? Have you done your homework?


If you are thinking about getting a pet for your family the three most important things to consider are:

1. Your Time or commitment factor- how much time do you really have to devote to this animal?

2. Size, how much room do you have- do you have a large yard, or do you live in a unit or apartment.

3. Price how much money can you afford to spend on your pet. It’s not just the initial price of purchase but also the ongoing costs of care such as food, medical bill etc.

Once you have answered these three questions you can then move onto the fun part which is actually choosing your pet . Cat, dog, rabbit, bird, fish, skink, hermit crab, frog, alpaca the list is endless .

I know that baby animals are so adorable but there is a lo to be said about rescuing an animal in need, more often then not these pets turn out to be the best ones. So before you rush off to the pet shops or breeders why not have a look through the animal shelters first or the even trading post, you just never know what you might find, your new best friend could be there waiting eagerly for you.

If you would like some information on a particular animal or alternatively if there is anything you would like to know any problems you may be having with an existing pet and would like some helpful solutions let me know and I will try my best to find the easiest, most environmentally friendly solution I can.




3 thoughts on “Getting a pet? Have you done your homework?

  1. My 4 footed furry family was acquired by other means.

    —One was going to be taken to the pound if no one wanted her. She’s been part of the family for almost 13 years.
    —One was a 6 week old puppy so full of fleas he was in misery–found wandering on a lonely road.He’s been with us about 5 years.
    —Two were abandoned and
    —One couldn’t stay with the man who raised him from a pup, one who loved him enough to find a home that would make him happy.

    As I type, they’re on dog beds scattered around my home office desk, contentedly chewing on dog biscuits.

    2 are brothers, found abandoned in the country crying for mama. They’re around 3 years old. The others are over 10.

    So sometimes it’s not a matter of choosing the kind of pet you want to adopt–sometimes it’s a matter of who chooses to adopt you. 🙂

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