Dog walking, a great way for animal lovers to get fit and earn some extra money

Dog Walking, a great way for animal lovers to get fit and earn some extra money…

When my children were younger I took up dog walking. It was suppose to be a way to keep fit and make a little money on the side while my twins were at preschool. What I found was that there was a big need for dog walkers in our every busy society, people just don’t have the time anymore to tend to their dogs. What I also learnt was how mismatched people were to their pets.

My clients were older ladies with Great Danes, or Blue Healers, or single middle aged guys who worked all day but had Rottweilers that they kept locked up in small confined areas. Although not suited to their owners my dogs were all loved and their owners were all lovely people but they had just not done their homework when it came to picking their dog, and that’s why they needed a dog walker.

There were days when I was walking ten dogs, and not like you see in the movies, my dogs were all walked individually. I would literally drop my children off to primary school and preschool and drive to the first dogs house, walk for half an hour and then drive to the next house to walk the next dog. I was so fit but totally exhausted.

There is no monetary outlay required for dog walking, you are pretty much being paid for your time, $10 for half an hour is what I started with. Advertising need not be expensive either, I photocopied some flyers that I made myself and distributed to the local vets and pet shops in the area.

It was with much regret that I had to give up my little dog walking business. I was offered school hour work close to home, and although I tried to have it all, it got to the point that I could no longer juggle work, the kids, my husband, my own pets and my dog walking.

I still miss my dogs they were all beautiful clever amazing animals. I highly recommend dog walking to anyone who is keen to get fit, and raise some extra money but mostly I recommend it to anyone who is an animal lover and like me just loves to be surrounded by beautiful genuine creatures that love you unconditionally and are always so excited and happy to see you.


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