Naughty Teenage bird


When I first got my Quaker parrot Stan he was 6 months old fully weaned and although he had been hand reared he hadn’t had much human interaction for a while, so was very skittish and timid.

It took a while to build up Stan’s trust. Initially he would get spooked by any sudden movement or sound. With time he learnt to love us, and very quickly learnt to step up and do other tricks such as shake hands, play peek a boo and dance and talk( I will admit his beak wasn’t as strong back then so when he did bite it didn’t hurt. Now his beak can slice through your finger and boy does it hurt) so training was a lot easier.

As Stan grew and his beak became stronger the kids began to grow wary of him until their reservations became full on fear. It is not unusual for Stan to fly at the children, most of the time I’m sure he does it to get a reaction out of them and it certainly works! They run off screaming into their bedroom with Stan hot on their heels flying behind them.

This kind of aggression is classic adolescent behaviour for birds, and with time and much patience he will grow out of it, but with birds training is a long slow process and consistency is key. Initially it was a shock despite having been well read up on owning a bird, I guess I just never believed that MY sweet loving bird would ever become a naughty aggressive teenager.

I will admit that I have read all the books, and subscribed to all the experts but what I’ve come to realise is that every bird is different just as every child is different and what may work on one bird will not necessarily work on another. So don’t be afraid to try several different techniques or tactics when it comes to training your bird to fit into your family.

Read lots of information, listen to lots of advice but above all trust yourself and your instincts, after all this is your bird and nobody knows him/her better than you do.




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