Homework my old nemesis

School is back and so too is homework Ugh!! I don’t know about you but I really dreaded homework when I was at school and believe you me nothing has changed! Getting my children especially my boys to sit down after school and do more work is a battle I have to fight virtually every day. To be honest I don’t blame them, I was exactly the same when I was at school, but I am not about to admit that to them. No way.

I do regret not making more of an effort when I was at school and although my mother did try warn me that I would regret it someday I didn’t listen, what did she know? Well, I know better now don’t I? I don’t want my children making the same mistakes as me and yet I can’t help but feel for them, the amount of homework they get is quite ridiculous. I believe that children should be allowed to have some free time to be children to play and explore, I’m not against homework but I feel our expectations should be more realistic.

I’m sure there are many that would disagree with me. Children learn through repetition but surely teachers must realise that too much is just overload. I made a conscious decision years ago to cut down on my hours at work so that I could have time to spend with my children in order to help them with their reading and spelling, and maths and English homework they were in grade 2 for goodness sake. Many mums are not as fortunate they do not have the luxury to cut back their hours, by the time they’ve finished work, collected the children, prepared dinner and washed up its 7pm both mum and kids are exhausted and have no energy left for homework.

I guess I’m just venting here, it’s been a long day and the homework battle has left me somewhat grumpy, but somehow I feel there are many more mums out there that feel the way I do. What is it they say ‘sharing is caring’.


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