Nail Clipping for Dogs


Turns out dogs nails need to be trimmed almost weekly to ensure your dog remains in tip top condition.

If like me you did not realise this, chances are your beloved friend has been in discomfort with over grown nails for some time.

Another thing you may have not realised is that along with the nail the quick can also grow. In some cases the quick can grow so long that it becomes virtually the same length as the nail making nail cutting incredibly difficult. Fortunately with regular clipping the quick does recede again.

My dog Dexter who is a Dalmatian cross King Charles Cavalier has both black and white nails. The white ones are easy to cut as the quick is easily visible but the black ones can be quite harrowing.

Always make sure you have some styptic powder on hand in case you do accidentally cut the quick because it will bleed a lot and ensure that your nail clippers are nice and sharp.

Another handy piece of information is to try and cut your dogs nails after they have had a bath as the nails will be a lot softer then.

I did hear a handy trick that for safely cutting black nails was to get someone to shine a torch on the dark nail and this will help to show exactly where the quick is and prevent any nasty accidents, however if your dogs nails are as dark as my Dexters’ this does not work.

Despite showering him with treats and affection galore nail clipping is not something Dexter nor I particularly enjoy but it is necessary for his health and in turn my happiness.



4 thoughts on “Nail Clipping for Dogs

  1. I do not like it when momwithoutpaws does my nails, she says I am a drama queen, but sometimes when she touches my feet they tickle. I do love the belly rub after so I put up with it. High paw!

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