Three strikes and you’re out BULLIES

If you have children chances are you have had some experience either directly or indirectly with bullying. Of course it’s not just children that experience bullying but adults as well, and it happens everywhere.

Today I am focusing on bullying at school, between children, because I believe that it is these children, these bullies if you like, that later grow up and continue their ways in the home or the workplace or in the community.

So maybe just maybe if we actually addressed this problem in schools and I mean both primary and high school then just possibly we’d be able to curb bullying somewhat. Of course addressing bullying should not just be a school problem, to be effective it must be a joint effort between school and home.

More and more I hear parents talking about their child being bullied and what I hear most is that the school is unable to help. Having experienced bullying first hand with my child I am here to confirm that the school was of no assistance whats so ever when it came to protecting my child.

Oh we heard a great deal from the Vice Principal and the year level coordinators about the “so called” Policies and Procedures they had in place for dealing with bullying, but when asked just what these policies and procedures entailed no one was forthcoming with any answers. Their solution to the problem was to have the child that is being bullied spend their lunch and recess times outside the Vice Principals office in order to be safe from the bully. But I ask why not have the bully spend his/her lunch time and recess outside the principals office and by doing so keep the whole school safe?

Because schools are so powerless to do anything concrete to stop bullying nine out of ten times the child being bullied ends up leaving the school. So the victims have their lives turned upside down, they are the ones that need to adjust and fit into a new environment start all over again and the perpetrator gets to continue his rein of terror.

How is this fair?

What ever happened to three strikes and you’re out? If a child is found to be bullying others they should be given fair warning and the chance to apologise and make amends, their parents should be notified and present when the bully is apologising. If the same bullying behaviour continues the bully should then receive a written warning from the school advising that if the behaviour continues the child will be expelled, if there is a third instance automatic expulsion should follow, and there you have it three strikes and you are out. Simple. Effective .


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