Say no to crating dogs


I am not a fan of crating dogs. Any which way you look at it, the crate is just another word for a cage, and dogs don’t belong in cages.

More and more I’m finding breeders are recommending crating for dogs, and an alarming number of dogs are spending extended long periods of time inside these crates or cages. This is just wrong.

I’m not saying that crating is all bad, I understand that they can be an effective tool in certain instances such as to prevent a dog from self harming. I once knew a dog with separation anxiety, whose phobia or fear of being left alone was so bad that he would be destructive beyond comprehension causing himself harm in the process. In this instance crating for a short amount of time, so that one can go out is not only a safe option but it was pretty much the only option his owners had to keep him and their house safe.

The argument that gets tossed around for crating dogs is that it provides a safe haven for the animal to be able to get away to when he needs some time out. My question to this is why does that spot that place of refuge if you will, have to be a cage? Why not a quiet corner in the house, say the bedroom or even the laundry.

Max our Burmese cat that we adopted at 9months of age had spent 3 months of his life locked up in a cage in the garage with minimal to no interaction. It took a long time to gain Max’s trust, it is a credit to him that he is such a strong and resilient little guy. He still paces almost obsessively in front of doors and windows, a side effect from his time in captivity. I can only imagine the damage that extended crating will have on these poor dogs.

Dogs are pack animals they are happiest when they are with their pack, their family, they don’t ask for much, and in return they give us unconditional love, and undying loyalty.


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