In defence of the Dog


It is no secret that I am an animal lover. This week there has been a lot of talk about dangerous breeds of dogs and how laws should be put in place to prohibit people owning certain types of dogs. I have even heard rallying in favour of a proposed buy back law (for those who have no idea what a buy back law is it is when the government pays you to turn in your dog to be euthanised ), like anyone is ever going to do that? Those of us who have pets know what kind and loyal creatures dogs are. We also know that the way in which an animal behaves much like the way in which a child behaves, is a direct reflection of his owner or parents in a child’s case.

I feel we are too quick to lay blame on the animal when really the finger should be pointed straight at the owner.

The heartbreaking death of the toddler that was mauled to death by his grandmothers dog this week is a classic example of what I am talking about. What was first reported to be a vicious unprovoked attack by a family pet has since been revealed that the dog was in fact being trained to hunt and I assume kill pigs. Why? Why would you train your dog to kill anything is my question.

I know that there will be many who do not agree with me, and that’s ok I guess, because I know that there are many many more that do, and like me are prepared to speak up to protect the rights of our best friends.

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