Fundraisers are bleeding me dry

Is it just me or does there just seem to be a relentless amount of fundraising going on in schools at the moment? So far this term we have had The Entertainment Books, The Second Hand Library Books, The Sausage Sizzle and The Walkathon, and we have also been put on notice for the upcoming Art show , Fathers day stall, and heaven knows what else they will think of.

I know that schools rely on fundraising to help with the purchase of equipment and supplies and I am all in favour of helping out but when you are being bombarded with one thing after the other, and you are forever having to put hand in pocket it does raise the question of just how much is too much?

I believe the argument for having so many fundraisers is that parents can pick and chose which ones they want to support but its not that simple, because the teachers are simultaneously putting pressure on the children to support them all.

Incentives such as house points or special rewards such as hall monitor for the day, or get out of homework week are being offered to children who are first to submit their money. Try explaining to an eleven year old why we are not going to buy The Entertainment book, when most of their friends already have. When you have three children as I do the the cost of these fundraisers in then tripled, pretty soon I will need to get a second job just so I can afford to keep supporting these fundraisers.


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