Animal cruelty


There is nothing I detest more than animal cruelty. How anyone could ever harm an innocent animal is so far beyond me.

Last week I was privileged to meet Indie a beautiful British bulldog that a friend of mine rescued from her second home. Indie has been abused most probably by a male in her first home, the reason I know this is because she is terrified of men, even the sound of their voices will send her into fright and flight mode.

Indies second home was not much better than her first unfortunately there she was picked on and faced constant attacks by four greyhounds who obviously sensed how timid she is.

Aside from having a very shy and you could almost say skittish personality, Indie has a cleft leg, many scars down her legs and quite a sizeable overbite, yet despite all that this innocent dog has been through she remains a loving, gentle trusting soul craving for a little love, an affectionate pat, a kind word or two.

I could tell you all the things I’d like to see done to the people that abused indie how if I had my way I would like nothing more than to make them all pay for the pain and suffering they put her through, but that would not do Indie any justice, if she can forgive these monsters, if she can despite all that she has been through still give people the benefit of the doubt than surely I can too.



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