The Greatest Love of All


There is no love greater than that of an animal. Seriously no one can ever love you the way your dog or cat do.

That sort of complete devotion, total belief and undying affection and loyalty exists only in the eyes and hearts of our pets.

I only have to leave the house for 10 minutes to run down to the shop and my dog will literally do somersaults when he sees me walk back through that door.

My cat will also always run to greet me, meowing loudly to let me know how unimpressed he is that I left the house without him.

No human could ever be that excited to see me. My kids barely take the time to acknowledge me, I may get a grunt from my teenage son, and an occasional cuddle from my twins but my pets will bring the house down with their yelps of joy and meows of happiness that I have returned.

I came back yesterday from a weekend away, and my dog has not left my side he literally will lie across my lap with his head resting on my stomach looking up at me with those adoring chocolate brown eyes of his,

If only we could all love the way our pets do , then what a splendid world we would be living in.

I once read something that said “I hope to be the person my dog thinks I am”. If only we could be.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Love of All

  1. Totally agree with you. I have six dogs and two cats and couldn’t imagine my life without an animal in it. They give out such unconditional love and live in the present moment.I think we have much to learn from them.

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