What would possess someone after three years to just decided one day that they no longer want their dog and instead of taking the time to find another home for it, or even just have the decency to hand it into their local animals shelter, they just open the gate one day and let it out.

That’s what happened to this gorgeous blue Staffy, her first owner sold her to someone else and then after three years that second owner just let her go. Mind blowing isn’t it? Who does that? No one decent that’s for sure.

When the RSPCA finally managed to track the owner down he just plain and simply told them that he no longer wants her and that they are free to rehome her if they wish.

Fortunately the RSPCA then contacted the breeder, my friend, who quickly collected the poor thing. She was very stressed suffering from extreme anxiety. Together we pooled our resources contacted any and every animal lover we know and finally managed to find a forever home for this gorgeous girl.

So tonight I’m happy, happy in the knowledge that this beautiful, sweet, loyal girl has found a home where she will be loved and cared for just as she deserves.


2 thoughts on “Success

  1. So glad you were able to help her. I cannot understand people that would be so indifferent or cruel to an animal but thankfully there are people like you out their doing something about it.

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