Police have been alerting people in the Knox area in Victoria Australia, to be vigilant as there appears to be a group of men, could be women involved too, casing the streets of Knox in search of dogs that they can take to use for illegal barbaric dog fights.

According to police these criminals have a white van with fake number plates. They go around the streets of Knox marking the fences of the homes that have dogs and when the owners are away or when it’s night time and everyone is asleep they come back and take the dog. People have found dog bones stashed in their gardens in preparation for the kidnapping. These criminals will use any means to lure and then capture your dog.

Dogs are then chained up, and starved in order to make them vicious. If all this isn’t bad enough, we have also heard that cats are being taken as well, these cats are then strung up and as they struggle to get free the dogs are set on them. How horrific!! What a horrible way to die.

So the city of Knox is under alert now and this is probably only the beginning, after Knox they will undoubtedly move on to other suburbs, unless they are caught, so if you see anything or hear anything make sure you alert the police. These criminals need to be stopped.

It really angers me to hear stories like this. If I had my way these so called people would be shot, anyone that can kidnap a family pet and then use it to make money as they pit it against another dog in an inhumane fight to the death, anyone that can inflict that sort of pain on a innocent trusting soul does not deserve any mercy. What do you think?



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