Special Moments

If you have teenagers like me you are probably use to repeating everything a hundred times, only to eventually receive a final grunt in reply. You would also be use to bad mood swings and temper tantrums like the ones he use to throw when he was two. Your life and everyone else’s in the house revolves around the XBox or Playstation or both.

No one is allowed on you tube or on almost anything else that requires Internet, when the XBox or PS3 are in use because that causes lag, which then causes frustration, lots of cursing and more bad mood.

Half the time you feel like you are walking on egg shells. You barely open your mouth and you have already no doubt said the wrong thing. You are constantly told over and over that you don’t know anything, at times you begin to actually believe it.

They say these blessed teenage years won’t last for too long (thank God!!). I have also heard that the teenage years are necessary to help a mother cut the maternal strings and allow her child to grow. Surely there must be an easier way.

But every now and then grumpy teenager seems to vanish and your sweet beautiful loving affectionate child returns. These moments are like precious gifts that I am learning to cherish. They make up for all the grumpy mood swings, the temper tantrums and the grunting. So tonight as I snuggle with my teenager, I give thanks for these special moments.


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