Parent / teacher interviews


I had parent/teacher interviews yesterday for number one teenage son. Surprisingly the feedback from the teachers was good, even the Maths teacher was very positive and almost praising number one teenage son. Don’t get me wrong it was lovely to leave feeling happy and positive.

What confuses me though, is the contrast of the parent/teacher interviews to the mid semester report. The interviews were all positive and uplifting which was quite stark in comparison to the mid semester report, which had lots and lots of room for improvement and also highlighted some in completed work. Yet there was not much emphasis of said in completed work placed at parent/teacher interviews, and was only brought up by me. If the teachers can be so blaze about incomplete work how are the students going to ever realise the importance of handing their work in and on time?

I think these mixed messages are counter productive, especially for boys who will only do the bare minimum at the best of times.

When asked if number one teenage son was losing marks for every day he was late in handing in work, the answer from teacher was no. So what then is the incentive for students to hand work in on time? What I couldn’t figure out is if this positivity, this laid back attitude was for the parents sake or for the boys?

Fortunately for me number one son was desperate to get a new game that came out today so the trade off was finishing all that incomplete work which he did without squabbles or nagging, and I must admit to quite a high standard.

I guess I will just have to trust that the teachers know what they are doing, and hope that number one teenage son will make the best use of his time at school and realise that by putting in the effort today he is building the foundations for a better life for himself tomorrow.


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