So if hubby’s snoring wasn’t bad enough, Dexter has started snoring now too!! We are not talking deep heavy breathing, no, I mean full blown snores, the kind that up until last night only my husband was capable of producing.

Through the years I’ve learnt to sleep through hubby’s snoring, at times I even find it to be comforting, but Dexters snoring is quite new, and hard to ignore. My poor puppy is getting older he is 7 years old now which is like almost 50 in dog years.

I researched dogs snoring on line and it turns out that there are many reasons why Dexter could be snoring, anything from sinus infection, to hayfever, tumours and even dental problems . It could even, and I hate to admit this, but I think this is the most likely explanation, very simply be that Dexter is just too fat. For a little dog with skinny legs he does have a very round body.

So my plan of attack will have to be that we will ration the treats that Dexter gets, and maybe portion control of his breakfast and dinner might be a good idea as well. Longer walks with Spring finally here that shouldn’t be too hard, the kids will be playing outside a lot more so Dexter will get a work out there, and you know what if all else fails there is always ear muffs.



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