My Sunshine


So eldest son has gone to spend a few days with Grandmother and Grandfather who live quite far away and as a result don’t get to see the children as much as they and we would like. The other two however did not want to go , not because they would miss mum and dad but more to the point their creature comforts, like foxtel (cable tv), the computer, their X-Box and Wii and all their other toys.

I am very proud of eldest son, it was his choice, he wanted to spend some time with his grandparents, he has always been a lot more mature than the twins and this is just another display of that matureness, although he has only been gone a few hours I have had several texts messages, and a Facebook message so far. Is he missing us? I think maybe he is.

Even though the twins are quite adamant that they will have a much better time without eldest son, I’m sure that deep down they won’t, he is the sunshine of my life and theirs also. The world is a better place because he lights it up with his spunk, his cheeky nature and his heart of gold.


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