Money will buy buy you a good looking dog but it will not buy you the wag of his tail.

I don’t know who said this quote and I’m sure I have used it before and I know that I will use it again, because I just love it. But tonight I am reminded of this quote again as yet another friend of mines dog is diagnosed with a genetic defect, despite being a pure bred Labrador from a reputable breeder that they paid almost $1500 for. Like humans, dogs will suffer genetic defects it is inevitable, no matter how rigorously they may have been screened by the breeder.

Whether or not a dog will get sick will depend of how well the dog is looked after not how expensive it was to buy. Just like it’s personality will be shaped by its owner and the way he/she treats the dog.

However sometimes luck can also play a role and tonight my poor friend and her gorgeous black lab Gemma have simply been dealt a bad hand. Gemma is a gorgeous little girl who woke up this morning unable to use her back legs. An X-ray revealed a genetic defect that will require her to be confined for four weeks in order to heal up, before further test can be performed.

Exactly what is wrong with Gemma my friend could not say, to be honest I don’t think the Vet actually knows either but it is related to her spine and they believe it is definitely genetic.

My thoughts go out to Gemma tonight, the poor darling will need to be kept locked up in a small area and only allowed out on a lead to relieve herself. That’s not much of a life. Hopefully once the four weeks are up the Vet will be able to perform the test needed in which to make Gemma all better again.


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