Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law – Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Why is it that some days it doesn’t matter what you do, things are just bound to go wrong?

What started off like just another normal day has quickly evolved into a series of errors, delays and endless frustration.

Here I am on the train running at least half an hour late for a meeting that I have been stressing about all week.

This meeting happens to be in the City (CBD) . I hate going into the City! It’s crowded and chaotic and as I have absolutely no road sense, I really struggle getting around.

I cannot drive into the City, what’s the point even if I mustered up the courage to do it and not get lost, where would I park?

Luckily Australia has a pretty good public transport system, unfortunately as I do not tend to use public transport all that often I am totally clueless it would appear on how it all works.

I thought I could just rock up at the train station at 1pm and there would be a train there waiting for me, if not waiting at least be 10mins away, but apparently this is not the case. The next train to Flinders street station , which is where I want to go, is not until 1:28pm which ultimately means I’m going to be late.

Yes I did toy with the idea of driving but who am I kidding that would no doubt be a whole lot more stressful than simply acknowledging the fact that I am just going to be late.

Today has not been my day, but that’s ok I’m sure tomorrow will be better.


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