This week I have been introduced to the world of electives. For many of you who have older children I’m sure you have come across this before but for me and my son this was our first time and I have to say that it was quite an exciting experience.

I think the fact that he actually gets to choose subjects that he is keen to learn more about is such an empowering thing. It has made the world of difference as far as interest in school is concerned. I must say that I was very impressed at how maturely my son who is fourteen went about this process. He tried to understand what it was each subject was offering before making his final selection.

I hope that he will at least get some of his top three preferences, unfortunately there is no guarantees where electives are concerned. This has so far been a very positive experience. Year 9 is said to be a difficult year especially for boys this is the time of their lives when they become disengaged at school, and as we approach the end of year 8 I must say that this has become quite apparent these last few months of school.

I’m hoping that by getting the chance to learn about things that have some significance to him and his world such as Multi Media and Information Technology, Fitness and Sport Recreation that it will again manage to engage him and motivate him to put in the work so that he is able to follow the path in life that he wants.


2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I never thought of electives in this light before, but you make them sound very positive. As a higher education worker, I hear students complain all day about the endless classes they have to take for electives. I’m going to try ‘selling’ electives to them from this standpoint – it’s a way to learn new areas you may like and a way to grow.

    Great perspective!

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