All I want for Christmas….

I was especially happy when the pet shop in our local shopping centre began supporting the local animal shelter and would only have animals in need of re homing. Unfortunately with Christmas fast approaching the rescue pets have gone and cute designer puppies and kittens with over inflated price tags are back in stock. Very disappointing I must say.

Why is it that money always wins? That is the bottom line for most people after all, if its not making a profit than its just no good. Too bad if it was saving lives, too bad that it was giving surrendered animals a chance at a forever home.

If I could have one wish for Christmas it would be this. That all the animals in the animal shelters around the world would find a forever home.


5 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas….

    1. Lol I’m happy to give it a try. The joy that an animal brings can not be surpassed. Cats especially are very affectionate animals, my cat DT is always by my side. In fact as I write this DT is curled up on my left and Dexter my dog (who by the way was my birthday present 7 years ago – and is the best birthday present I ever got) is on my right. Good luck

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