Six Simple Steps To Help Keep Pets Safe During Home Renovations

Construction work commenced today on our deck and pergola, and so our backyard now looks like a construction site. For the next two weeks we will need to be mindful whenever we are in our back yard. There is timber, bricks, nails, sand, and pavers everywhere.

Not only can this be a hazard for the children but for my pets also. Fortunately our front garden is also fenced in so we have an alternative for Dexter when he needs to go to go outside. Many people are not so lucky and don’t have an alternative space to use for pets during renovations which means they need to make the best of the situation.

This post is aimed to highlight some of things we can all do to help keep our pets safe during home renovations of any kind.

1). if you can securely fence off an area in the garden to use for pets than that’s great, if not and you need to leave your dog outside while worker are there make sure your pet is safely tied up.

2). Try and remove any electrical wires, most animals if given the chance will chew through electrical wires.

3). Do a sweep of the grounds, nails, staples, tacks and anything sharp can cut tender paws.

4). Secure any loose or wobbly items, animals like to brush up against things and may accidentally knock them over.

5). If you need to make changes to your pets sleeping or eating area during the time of renovations consider making the change prior to work commencing so that your pets have a chance to adjust. Most animals do not like change.

6). ID tags are especially important during renovation time, as your home may have doors and windows left open for long periods of time and this may lead to your pet wandering off and getting lost.

These are just six simple steps that anyone can implement to keep their pets safe during what can be a very trying time, but in the end it will all be worth it. We can’t wait for our new deck and pergola.


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