Goodbye Indie R.I.P


It is with much sorrow that I write this post. Yesterday I learnt that my beloved friend Indie who I have written about before, sadly had to be put to sleep.

I am still processing and therefore do not have a very clear understanding of exactly what happened to Indie, but from what I am told she developed a swollen uterus (kind of like a prolapsed uterus) that was about to erupt at any moment. Surgery was the only option but the chances of her surviving the surgery and the sheer cost of it left my friend with no other option.

I guess I’m still in shock because I only just saw Indie a week ago when we went on our weekly walk and she seemed happy as ever, excited to see me, no sign of anything being wrong. I’m told that she seemed to go downhill a couple of days before Christmas, and that by Christmas Day she was off her food.

I have since googled prolapsed uterus in dogs, but I’m not convinced this is what killed Indie. I guess I will know more when I catch up with my friend in a couple of days. From what I hear the vet that tended to Indie was not very nice at all, I’m sure ill do a post on this in time but today I just wanted to pay tribute to a special soul who experienced so much pain and suffering in her short life, and yet despite this remained kind and gentle, she had even begun to trust people again. It just doesn’t seem fair really does it?

Goodbye Indie, thank you for your friendship, for your affection. I’ll miss our walks and our time together. I’ll miss the funny grunting noises you use to make and the cute way you would hobble over to me in excitement eager to set off on our walks. Rest In Peace my friend.



11 thoughts on “Goodbye Indie R.I.P

  1. So sad when something like this happens. I do hope the vet played no bad part. I changed vets a year ago following a lot of issues after one of our much loved dogs was seriously ill and looking back I don’t know why I didn’t change earlier. Misguided loyalty I think. Hope that your friend copes with her loss and that perhaps finds it in her heart to let another little four legged soul in eventually . Sorry for your loss with her too x

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t believe the Vet played a part but she definitely had no compassion and pressured them so much. It is a real shame. I’m sure in time my friend will adopt another dog, she is definitely an animal person.

      1. I do hope so. Some vets really can surprise you and appear to have no love for animals at all and others I have met have been simply amazing. I guess I would always look for the amazing now. I hope your friend finds a more compassionate vet when she is ready for her next xx

  2. It’s so very hard to lose a pet. Even more so when the circumstances are dubious. I worked as a nurse in the field of death and dying for so many years and when we lost our first dog, it felt as though I was wailing for all the loss I’d known.

  3. It is hard isn´t it? I´ve always, or a great part of my life have had dog´s running around one house or the other. They do make you happy when you get back home and do their little “dancing” thing, I too had a bulldog, a white bulldog. Died very young at age 4, she was a pain in the ass but you grow to love them.

  4. Yes, DRBB, it couldn’t be said better. My mixed breed Siamese, Monkey, lived to be almost 24. I had her before I met my Pookie Pie and before our four children arrived. Definitely a hole left in my heart.

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