How to stop dogs from licking their stitches


How to stop dogs from licking their stitches.

Firstly I’d like to start off this post by saying that Bolt my sisters beautiful lab cross blue heeler is on the road to recovery Thank God!

A big thank you to everyone for your kind words and well wishes, my family and I really appreciate them.

The Vet is very pleased with the way Bolt is healing, so it was a big thumbs up tonight. There was however one concern, despite my sisters efforts, and my nephews round the clock vigil, Bolt appears to be licking his stitches, particularly the ones on his back knee.

This got me thinking, how does one prevent a dog from licking his stitches? The vet did supply my sister with your standard Elizabethan Collar but like most dogs he just hates wearing it.

Research on the Internet has revealed that there are in fact many different kinds of collars for dogs (who would have thought? ). There is the Comfy Cone, which looks kind of like a vinyl cone with an inner foam rubber tube.

Then there is the Pro Collar, looks like a donut shaped collar, that almost resembles an inflatable.

The Soft E Collar which looks more like a life saving device, or a large frisbee that fits around the dogs neck.

And finally The Bite Not which looks nothing like an Elizabethan Collar it looks more like a blood pressure machine band and its Velcro straps can prove tricky especially for furry dogs.

All these collars can be purchased over the Internet and will set you back anything from $15 to $50.

In Bolts case the vet has suggested sterile bandages to cover the stitches as a deterrent, and also sleeping pills, as it appears that cheeky Bolt has been licking when everyone else is fast asleep.

There are also anti lick and chew bitter sprays available on the market for dogs that one can use to deter them from licking, but you must be careful not to get the spray directly on the wound / stitches but rather around it. These sprays can also be used on top of the bandage to prevent dogs from tearing them off.

Which ever method you choose to use make sure you have your veterinary’s approval they are after all the experts. In Bolts case, we are going with 24/7 round the clock vigils and the bandage and sleeping pill option.






11 thoughts on “How to stop dogs from licking their stitches

      1. I’m very sorry to hear about Nog, they really do leave a large hole not just in our homes but in our hearts when they go, but they give us so much love and joy when they are with us, that surely it is worth it.

  1. Good luck with Bolt. Poor little guy has an inner knowledge about licking his wounds to make them well. I used the nasty smell/taste stuff on the bandage for Max, who tore the bandage off any way, so the watch and sleeping pill is probably a better idea.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. I wondered if that bitter tasting stuff would work or not. I remember when I was younger mum got me this stuff that tasted really bitter to stop me biting my nails but that didn’t really work, so I was skeptical about this also.

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