Polio Support Group

As the What’s On correspondent for two community newspapers I am very fortunate in that I get to meet many wonderful people through this role and to learn about many different groups, events and activities in my area and surrounding areas.

Only today I received a call from a lady who runs a support group for people who have suffered from Polio in their childhood (we are talking before the Polio vaccine was invented) . What these people are finding as they grow older is that the polio disease has caused issues for them later on in life. Tiredness, muscle weakness and extreme fatigue are all sides effects and a consequence of the Polio disease, this is called post-polio syndrome and affects up to 50% of all people who have recovered from Polio in their childhood years.

Many suffer so much that they are unable to work, or perform many of life’s simple tasks.

This support group therefore is a wonderful network for people battling the same condition and their carers (which lets face it have a hard a time as well ) to come together, share experiences, socialise and find support.

I had never heard of a Polio support group before, but I am very glad that something like this exists, and I plan on featuring it prominently in my column.


5 thoughts on “Polio Support Group

    1. They meet every month, one month they will have an information session with guest speakers, this upcoming session the guest speaker is a dietician and will offer tips on how to use their diet to help with muscle relief. Every second month the meeting is of a social nature and they will go out to a local restaurant or cafe. There is a very small membership fee $10 per year which pays for the printing of the newsletter and small gifts for the guest speakers. I think that what I found most alarming was how many people had been affected by this disease in their childhood and that even though they had managed to fight the disease once, as they aged they were forced to fight again. I am glad that I can help even if it is only by getting the word out there that support groups are around and can help.

  1. Me neither heard of polio support group. That´s what I love about the U.S. People seem to find a way to organise themselves and help each other, not through much government spending but by the people. Getting political here.Sorry.
    I knew Polio, actually president FDR and Kennedy had it, if I´m not mistaken. Now I knew it wasn´t a life threatening illnes, but didn´t have a clue about the sequels it may have on people. Great that you wrote this, something new I learned already and just got into the computer for about an hour. Good you bring awareness to us.

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