Heat Wave


Melbourne is set to be hit by a mini heat wave tomorrow. It is actually about time that we had some warmer weather, this year summer has been pretty non existent if you ask me.

Tomorrow though the forecast is for 34 or so degrees Celsius and this will only rise throughout the week reaching well over 40+ degrees.

This therefore is not the best time for the evaporative cooling system to fail and yet it has done so at my parents place. Being the weekend they have been unable to find anyone to come out and fix the problem. Well one man did offer to come out but wanted to charge them $450 for the pleasure and an additional $50 for every 15 minutes he was there. (Seriously where do some people get off, my parents are pensioners for goodness sake).

So the plan is that tomorrow morning bright and early mum will call the company that they bought their cooling system from and hopefully they will be able to send someone round to fix the problem as soon as possible.

In the meantime though I thought I’d put together a list of tips for staying cool during a heat wave for mum and dad but also anyone else out there that may not have air conditioning. All of these tips are common sense really but I think it’s good to be reminded every now and again.

Keep all doors and windows closed and blinds and curtains drawn in order to keep the house cool for as long as possible. In the evening when the temperature drops open all doors and windows to allow the cool air through the house.

Try placing a tray of ice in front of a pedestal fan. The ice will cool the air as it is blown in your direction. You can also drape a wet tea towel over the fan and this will also help to cool the air.

Use a wet facecloth to cool down your forehead, neck and shoulders. Have frequent cool showers, and spray yourself with a bottle filled with cool water.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. As sweat causes you to lose electrolytes keep a supply of hydro lite or any other type of sports drink that is high in electrolytes and glucose on hand. Chewing on ice cubes will also help to cool you down.

Eat light fresh food such as fruit or salads, avoid food which is high in protein as these foods will only serve in heating your body more so.

Do as little exercise as possible and avoid being outdoors especially between 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest.

Don’t forget your pets, make sure they are out of the heat, and that they have plenty of cool fresh water, and whatever you do Do Not leave them in cars!

The photo above was taken from The Animal Welfare League NSW Facebook page I think it portrays the message loud and clear.


5 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Thanks for the great advices, maybe I will need them, when we will have summer here in Spain.
    One more about dogs and cars, remember always to bring fresh and cold water for your dog, when you drive. They feel the thirst, just like we do.

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