School Holidays – the end is near…


School holidays are almost over here in Melbourne, and most of my friends have already gone back to work. Every mother knows that the hardest part of going back to work over the summer holidays is trying to find somewhere to leave your children while you are at work.

Unfortunately there is no childcare service available for primary school aged children around this time of year. Some vacation care programs do exist, but you need to be extremely organised and have those booked in well before school ends in December. Even then the programs only operate from the 20th of January onwards.

I have found myself in this position many times over the years. Fortunately my parents live close by, and now that mum has retired, they are able to have the kids when I have to work. Some people are not that lucky though, so to help out we have been inviting kids over to our house to spend the day with my children. Today there was 6 kids in total and they all had a blast. It gave me the opportunity to do some editing on my novel which is always a bonus.

Fortunately the weather is no where near as hot as it was the week before, so the kids were able to play outside, and not just sit in front of the Xbox all day.




10 thoughts on “School Holidays – the end is near…

  1. Being on the other side of the class desk I’m feeling very despondent reading about the proximity of the return date :)) I’m so relaxed and not sure I’m ready to put my ‘school shoes’ back on nor to get used to my prepacked lunch and regulated toilet breaks lol

  2. Well, it’s the dead of winter over here in the U.S. and it is very, very cold with this lovely arctic blast we’ve been getting every time I turn around.
    What are you writing your novel about? Will it be available in stores or Amazon once you are finished editing and published? Is this your first book?:)

    1. My novel is romance novel. Not my first, hopefully not my last, although the editing is a real drain. I’m not yet sure what path I will go down this time I’m kind of liking the idea of self publishing, we will see I guess.

  3. I have a friend who is also an author and she’s published at least 3 books now and she goes the self publishing route. I have no idea where she sells them because she just gives me autographed copies. I wish you the best of luck. I know she always hates the editing part. 🙂

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