3 Weeks old and already being offered for sale!

I came across this post on Facebook today was horrified and saddened to read that some people have absolutely no regard for animals and merely see them as a commodity.

Three weeks young and already being offered for sale!

Yes that’s right – three weeks young; not even old enough to be walking, fully weaned or to be toileting on their own….

A supporter of Starting Over Dog Rescue found this post and shared it on Facebook.

Under DEPI (Department of Environment and Primary Industry) regulations all dogs offered for sale need to be vaccinated and microchipped. Any Vet will tell you that they won’t do this until the puppy is at least 6 weeks of age and healthy.

At 8 weeks puppies can be separated socially, but any sooner and they will most likely have socialising development issues.

With social media being so prevalent you would think people would know better….. But unfortunately they don’t.

Starting Over Dog Rescue have shared this post in the hope of educating people to realise that this kind of conduct is not Acceptable!!

There was a great response to this post and many people queried if they were merely being advertised as for sale but not intending to be released before 8 weeks. I must admit the ad was not clear. It simply stated that the puppies which were Border Collie x German Shepherd were being offered for sale. I would like to give the owner the benefit of the doubt here, but I must admit I am not feeling too confident. Either way if this post helps to raise awareness then that can only be a good thing right?


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