Got a call this morning at work from my nephew, 22 years old, six foot two, gym junkie, not afraid of anything, well almost anything. A bird had somehow managed to get into his house (back door was left wide open so that the dogs could come and go into the backyard as they pleased), anyway the bird in the house presented a problem because you see my nephew is terrified of birds.

I asked my boss if I could take my lunch break early (it was 11:30m) as I had a family situation to deal with and hurried to the rescue.

The poor bird had worked its way into the bathroom and was perched up on the shower door. My nephew and the dogs had sought refuge outside in the garden.

It didn’t take long to catch the bird and release it into the garden. And although I tried to keep a straight face it was very hard indeed, I’m still chuckling about it, and just had to share.


17 thoughts on “SOS

      1. agreed!! I am always amazed at those who chose the field of Entymology! I think people are unnerved by birds because of their flitting about.I personally love the little creatures. 🙂

  1. Glad you shared it cause I too had a chuckle and you know why? Since my parents live in the middle of nowhere, there only cows and trees around and birds, in more than one occasion a bird has gotten into my living room and you had to see me. I just jumped scared to the bones and got the hell out of the room closing the door behind and then yelled for Mommy!

  2. While it is so easy to smile to yourself about this, please keep in mind that ornithophobia is real. I speak from personal experience. It is terrifying. In my head it makes no sense. But it us still uncontrollable.

  3. my husband is terrified of birds and moths, butterflies he can just about cope with. i have seen him with a net curtain over him and a baseball hat keeping it in place so they cant touch his face, gloves and a tennis racket trying to chase a moth! for a bird he wouldn;t even try.. so i feel for your nephew and hey it’s nice to know i have someone to call on when he needs help hahaha!

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