Dogs are family


Courtesy of Pintrest.


13 thoughts on “Dogs are family

  1. My dog was like that to me.,, some have been loved pets; Boots was my friend.


    I nominate you for the
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    ~ Eric

  2. I didn’t pay much attention to the rationale with animals until i got brenda starr; still didn’t hit home; then she cried for some of my ice cream; i thought it was a flux, cats don’t cry. Then i was reading an article about someone dying and she’s sitting right next to me on the sofa and big, huge crystal tears starts rolling down her face. I totally freaked out. How did she know what I was reading was sad and WHY is she crying?

    They are very intuitive. W

      1. When I adopted Pee, the name given to her at the orphanage was a Princess. She had just had her right front leg removed. She was 3 months old. I always loved the name Sydney, so I changed the spelling. Pee was added about a year later. Her daddy would call her Sydnee Princess and I just shortened one day and it has stuck ever since. She has many nicknames – Syd, Pee, Syd Pee…. Event Pee Pee;). I have enjoyed perusing your blog. I look forward to reading some more;)

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