Freedom of the Press


Freedom of the press, yeah right!!! What I am finding more and more is that there is no such thing as freedom of the press. That is just a glorified saying that people use to convey the message that what is published is the absolute truth, uncensored, unbiased in any way. What a joke!

I am not a journalist, but I write for two local papers, and I am here to tell you that there is absolutely no such thing as freedom of the press.

Everyone and everything has an agenda and we are all censored accordingly to some degree. It’s all about not rocking the boat or upsetting the wrong people. As a writer I find this very difficult to come to terms with. At least when writing fiction there are no external influences that I need to be mindful of. The world I create is mine alone, it exists only in my imagination, and I am free to envision it any way I like. This unfortunately is not so in real life.

Pick your battles. Sometimes it’s better to lose the argument in order to win the war. You name it I’ve heard it all. The papers I write for are not political in any way, and yet politics are rife.

I am sure you are all aware of this, as am I, but it really does get my goat. We should be able to write without censorship and leave it up to the reader to form his or her own opinion once they have all the facts.

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6 thoughts on “Freedom of the Press

  1. as one who dreamed of a career in journalism i am so glad i didn;t get it! todays media is no mirror on the world, it only uses it’s mirror as a magician would to hide so many truths! i feel very sad to see such an important profession twisted like it is.

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