Community Newspapers unite.


Well thank god the festival is over!! After many months of planning, and preparing the Community Newspapers of Knox finally hosted their first joint stall at this years Knox City festival.

The theme of the festival was ‘make your mark’ and I believe that we were able to accomplish this.

As a first attempt I think it went well. There are things we will definitely change next year. Next year we will have a banner to attract more people over to our stall. Next year we will have little show bags made up so that people can carry their papers easily, and next year we will have flyers with all the newspapers details on them for those that are interested in getting involved, or advertising, sponsoring or even contributing articles, photos etc..

It was interesting to note just how many people confuse the community papers with the commercial ones. Community newspapers are run solely by volunteers. They feature articles on local people and their local area. They address the everyday issues. Unlike the commercial papers, community newspapers have minimum advertising, enough to pay for the printing costs. In contrary most commercial newspapers are so full of advertising that they have very little room left for articles. Commercial papers tend to scandalise rather than take the time or effort to get the real facts.

This event has been a real milestone for Community Newspapers, and I am honoured and proud to have played my part.



18 thoughts on “Community Newspapers unite.

  1. That is such a wonderful idea – the slow decline in community newspapers in the last two decades is something I consider quite sad. They add a dimension to news that is lost in the commercial papers and are a way of bringing a community closer together. Go you!!

      1. Bob was at home with Grandma…we were all at a local leisure plan really!! He was sufficiently exhausted though with lots of family visiting and so on ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Good idea. I’m sure grandma had lots of fun babysitting. Lol. How is the toilet training coming along? Sometimes they just don’t get it straight away and then suddenly it just clicks.

      3. Toilet training is good actually, he goes to the back door when he needs to go and no mishaps overnight (yet) (touch wood!) he’s doing really well so far xx puppy training classes start on the 15th x

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