So what do you do when you suddenly lose all your documents everything you have written in the last year and bit gone, completely wiped away?

There are no words adequate enough to capture the anguish, nay the despair, that grips you at the realisation that all your work, all your words have been erased.

Yesterday all my documents all my articles, all my novels all my columns were deleted in error of course, by my husband whose IT knowledge is next to non existent. He thought that by clearing out everything in our iCloud account he was merely deleting data off his phone.

I went to bed half way through an article on the festival for the next edition of The Buzz only to wake up with nothing, nada, zip. At first I thought it was a glitch with my iPad but when the so called glitch didn’t seem to resolve itself after turning the iPad on and off I sought out professional help. Not only was that article gone but everything else was too.

The technical support guys at Apple are fantastic, anyone who has ever had to deal with them will testify to this I am sure. My files are still gone but the Apple tech guys are trying their best to get them back for me. In the meantime I’m trying to remain hopeful. Not an easy thing to do I assure you.


46 thoughts on “Deleted

  1. My husband isn’t allowed to do anything other than type on the computer. That includes turning it on and off, if it needs saving, printing, looking up he leaves a list and I do it.

    There are real and documented reasons why this is so but they all boil down to the special talent my husband has at losing all data on phones, comps anything without actually even trying.

  2. Good luck in retrieving your documents. I always e-mail important files to myself. This way if anything happens I can always go to my e-mail account. Plus, I can access it from anywhere.

  3. OMG. I mostly work on dropbox these days, and would never share my stuff, but the idea of losing everything… I lost all my photos from 2009 when my laptop got stolen because I didn’t back up. That was bad enough. now I’m super paranoid.

    1. Oh Tina I haven’t been able to figure out Dropbox, but I have now downloaded Evernote and trying to use that. I’m also getting an external hard drive to triple back now. It is the worst feeling ever, all that work gone!

  4. Oh, dear, I can’t imagine all files. I lost one file and was devastated for 3 days. :-O I use flash drives for everything, and now that I have a new laptop, I use the old one as a backup hard drive. Oh, Diana, saying a prayer for you right now for complete retrieval.

  5. Oh my, bless your heart. I would be devastated. That nearly happened on my Apple Computer last week but thanks to my back up device everything was restored after they had to wipe my hard drive clean because of some errors and glitches that had been building up. I sure hope the Apple guys can get your stuff back! I’ll be praying for you, Diana! Blessings, Natalie πŸ™‚

  6. Any luck yet?
    I really feel for you…I use dropbox as my husband cannot be trusted with a computer.
    He messes his up on a regular basis and I know that he has been at my little laptop when I’ve been out and he can’t use his machine as inevitably things won’t is so frustrating.
    Fingers crossed for you.

    1. Hi Helen, nothing yet I’m afraid. I have been searching through all my emails at work and retrieving documents that I had periodically sent myself to work on. They did say it could take 48 or so hours. Hopefully I’ll hear something today.

  7. I would probably have an instant heart attack if that happened to me, so I’ve decided to begin a regular back up plan. I am glad Apple was able to save your life. I am enjoying your blog very much.

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