The first of many lasts


Today was the first of what is doomed to be a year of lasts for me.

My twins are in grade 6 this year, which means this is their last year of primary school. It’s amazing how many things I will never experience again once this year ends.

Tonight the primary school hosted it annual twilight sports competition, and even though I will be honest and admit that I wasn’t really looking all that forward to going, I realise now that this was because I was dreading facing what would be the first of my long list of last experiences.

This is this last time I will watch my babies compete against their primary school friends. The last time I will sit on the oval with the other mums cheering our teams on.

Don’t get me wrong after 10 years at the primary school I am ready for the twins to go to high school, but I would not be true to myself if I did not admit that the idea that they are growing up so quickly is terrifying.

I feel like I’ve only just blinked and 12 years have raced by. How quickly times flies. Term one is almost over, before I know it the year will be gone, and I will have experienced the last year six musical, the last carols by candlelight, the last assembly, the last primary school year.

Tonight my twins were victorious. Their happy faces were beaming. They both raced their little hearts out and excelled in the wheelbarrow races winning 3 out of the 5 races. I could not be more proud.




15 thoughts on “The first of many lasts

  1. With three grown children, I’ve muddled through many lasts, with tear-brimmed eyes. However, there are still so many firsts to look forward to. Glad your twins got to experience a last victory in primary school. They’ll soon be experiencing some wonderful first victories in their next school experience! 🙂

  2. I hear you. I have a middle-schooler who just turned 13 in grade 7. (In America we don’t go from Primary straight to High School.) I also have a boy in grade 5, so he will be heading into his last year of primary this Fall, and a kindergartner (pre- grade 1.) I find I make ‘lists of lasts’ with each of my children as they appraoch a new milestone. The poor baby. She will have a sobbing mess of a mother by the time she gets to school!

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