12 thoughts on “Mothers make the best spies

  1. No kidding! I discovered my son had a separate Facebook page – after a lot of sleuthing. The first post on that new page “Thanks for following me over here, I set this up so my mom couldn’t see what I was doing.”

    Guess who lost all internet privileges for months? 🙂

    I told him, you are better off being honest, I WILL find out!

    1. That’s what I always say Kate. I’d rather find out whatever it is, from them then find out from someone else. I must admit they are pretty forthcoming but only one teenager for the moment so won’t count my chickens just yet. Xx

  2. This one made me laugh out loud to the max! My oldest daughter (who was always the ornery one) would totally agree with it. You can’t get anything past mom–we have the intuition of a thousand psychics!

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