I get really disappointed when I hear people talk so negatively about Pitbull terriers. You hear so many horrible comments. In many places Pitbulls are classified as a dangerous breed and are in fact illegal to own.

But is it really the breed of dog or the people who own these dogs that are responsible for the negative image?

I honestly do not believe that any breed of dog is dangerous. If an animal is treated with respect, kindness and love it will become a gentle loving sole. The same goes for every other animal on this planet including humans.

I love these images which I found on both Pintrest and Facebook, I think they capture how I feel about this perfectly.


25 thoughts on “Pitbulls

  1. Reblogged this on Pippakins Animal Watch and commented:
    I believe all dogs are as dangerous as the person who trains them. I don’t blame the dogs at all and I have the perfect solution for owners who train their dogs to fight. I would put them all in an enclosed space and force them to fight for their lives the last one standing would be kept in a cage for the next bout…..Waste not want not…..

  2. Love those photos ❤️ as far as I’m concerned it’s the owners. I cycle past a lot of dogs and their owners around my locality and there’s a definite type of pitbull and Staffordshire bull terrier owner..:(

  3. As someone who works with animals, it is the people that make them aggressive. I run into these sort of opinions with a lot of different types of animals. For example, where I used to work, we had a beautiful camel. Everyone who would come to meet her would inevitably say the same thing, “Watch out! Don’t get too close! It’ll spit on you!” No, no she won’t. Camels, just like any other animal, treat people the way people treat them. If all you put in is respect and kindness, you will get back respect. Our camel ended up being a great mascot for camels all over the world, immediately changing peoples’ initial opinions about them being smelly creatures that have attitudes and just spit on people. These opinions are naturally made by people who visit countries like Australia and India, where camels are forced to give tourists rides regardless of how the animal feels. So yeah, they can develop attitudes, which in turn makes people have wrong opinions about the animal. My thrill was always making people change their minds by falling in love with a camel.

  4. No bad dogs just bad owners. I’ve always thought that and I’ve often thought if they put the owner down rather than the dog when the dog hurt someone then they may actually have people who train and exercise their dogs not just have them as moving garden gnomes.

  5. Any breed of dog will act the way it is treated. Given love, it will give nothing but love. Given abuse, it will be abusive. I’ve had many breeds (my favorite German Shepherd) that people are afraid of, but they were raised with love and affection and didn’t know how to be aggressive. I’ve seen and been friends with Rottweilers who were raised with love and acted with love. All animals (including human ones) have to be taught to be cruel, because they are all born innocent and loving. It is the mistreatment by the human monsters who raise and abuse them that creates the beast in each — the killer human as well as the killer animal.

  6. It’s totally the owners!!! Years ago my ex-husband adopted a pit puppy from a shelter here. They’re not illegal here. She passed away several years ago, but was a kind, gentle girl and spoiled rotten with too many treats! I never felt apprehension about her being around our daughters. She was raised kindly from a puppy and was always sweet to everyone. I love the pictures–especially the message from the first one.

  7. Important to remember in this debate that dogs are not humans and their basic perceptions and instincts are very different. They still retain many of the basic instincts of their lupine ancestors and whilst often these lie dormant in the eyes of the owner it can take only a moment for those instincts to be awakened and then acted on. If that instinct happens to lead to an attack on a human the dog will of course be labelled bad and put down in worst case scenario. Instinctual behaviour doesn’t make the dog bad but it can make it dangerous. Pit bulls are bred to fight. The instinct may lie mild and dormant if left untapped but the risk is much greater with this breed type and whilst any dog has the potential to act dangerously on its natural prey drive a fighting breed poses risks especially around children thatresponsible adults and experienced dog owners would surely not choose to inflict on others.

    1. Thank you for your comment whilst I don’t fully agree with all of it, I do agree that dogs are not humans, their instincts are different to ours. And as you say instinctual behaviour does not make a dog bad. It is the responsibility of every adult to ensure that young children are not left unsupervised around any dog, Pitbull or not, but this is just as much for the safety of the dog as it is the child.

      1. There were a lot of comments re there are no bad dogs but besides that bad breeding can lead to bad traits being inherited making unfortunate dog a liability, there’s also the point we claim children as apparently with dogs are not born bad. Fair comment. But when they turn bad as teens and adults then they’re thugs and bad people. If they injure and kill they’re murderers who in some places receive the death penalty. Double standards I would suggest.

      2. True. Some valid points however if one teenager turns bad and becomes a thug or even a murderer that doesn’t necessarily mean that all teenagers are likely to become thugs and murderers. Again I would argue that it has more to do with the environment that said teenager (dog) is raised in.

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