Basketball Grandfinal


Today my eldest had his basketball Grandfinal!! Wow what a game!! A real nail biter!!

With 8 seconds to go our boys had finally managed to get ahead by 2 points, but then the other team got the ball and for a split second it looked like it might all end as a draw.

Luckily our boys were able to get the rebound and win the Grand Final.

It was a very emotionally charged day. I was so proud of all the boys but especially proud of my son who played an awesome game and was clearly the man of the match.

The coach, who by the way happens to be my nephew, was awesome!! He has managed to lead the team to victory with his perseverance and dedication.

Many of the boys had never played basketball before joining our team but thanks to the coaches efforts they were all able to step up and get to where they are today.

This day will stay with them forever as it will with me too.

I love watching my kids play sport. I enjoy it so much more than watching the professionals play and to get to see both my boys (son and nephew that I love as my own) was a double bonus. Well done Bulls




15 thoughts on “Basketball Grandfinal

  1. Brilliant! Congratulations πŸ™‚ I’ve watched Ben play a LOT of sport, as well as my husband participate in lots of sporting events, it’s always great to watch them xx

  2. Congratulations. My college team is in the Final Four, so keeping my fingers crossed for them. At least one more game, hopefully 2, then hopefully another title shirt for my wardrobe. Go CATS.

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