Rescue animals are not broken



20 thoughts on “Rescue animals are not broken

  1. I think it is better to save an animal from a shelter than to get one from the pet shop – it is worthwhile to give them the kind of love and attention that they should have received from those who either dumped them or abused them.

  2. Two and a half of our dogs are rescue. The half comes into play because we were given that dog instead of his being dumped at a shelter. So, he isn’t quite a rescue dog. Two Cockers and a Poodle. They are family. 🙂

  3. My dogs didn’t come from shelters…they arrived, hungry enough to see what was in the rubbish bin, or brought by the postman who found them on the road or given to me rather than be put down for lack of conformity with breed standards.

    They are a super bunch….and they tolerate the motherless lamb very well indeed – just a raised eyebrow when he jumps on their bed…

  4. A friend of mine had to give up her puppy last week. I had written a blog about him, with photos, and the shelter put his photo and name up on their site. The next morning, waiting on their doorstep, were some representatives from a Therapy Dog training center, who had recognized him from my blog, and he is now being trained as a Certified Therapy Dog. We were both excited about how that turned out for him. He will live a happy life doing what I think will be what he was born to do. He did wonders for me the day he spent with me, and I only wish I could keep a dog again.

      1. Since I will live out my life in a power chair, I’m afraid I would run over a small dog, and small ones are the only kind allowed in this building. It would kill me if I injured a baby like that, or even worse, killed him/her.

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