Lost interest

I am struggling to find time for my writing lately. The moment I think I have some spare time and I can devote that to my writing something will inevitably come up and I run out of time. Even finding the time to post on my blog is sometimes challenging.

I know this is nothing new for anyone of us. Life is a lot busier now a days. The kids are older and they each have stuff going on, extra curriculum activities, homework etc.

It’s not just time that seems to elude me though, it’s inspiration as well. I have been working on this one book for what seems like ages now and I just can’t get passed this one bit. I have been adding to it everyday but it’s only a sentence here a paragraph there. In my head I can see what has to happen, I can see the whole story, but I’m struggling to get it down in writing.

The idea of leaving the story and starting a new one is tempting indeed, but I have never not completed a story before, and I hesitate to start now.

This is more than just writers block. I feel that I have lost interest in the story. If my story doesn’t interest me what hope does it have of interesting others?


34 thoughts on “Lost interest

  1. I’ve read a number of authors come up against that feeling at some point in their writing and while not abandoning the idea will put it in a draw and begin work on something else. Sometime later they will go back and there it will be the interest and the link that allows the story to continue. Don’t feel bad if you need to ‘break-up with your book’ all relationships need at time out every now and then. Jenni

      1. I know – I think [just an opinion] that due to consistent underfunding at both a state and federal level the cost of maintaining both pieces of legislation had become too high and both parties made the choice that would please voters – paid maternity leave but without a realistic asset test it created more issues than before. It is the problem we’re facing with education and health – years of poor planning and short term budgeting decisions coming back to bite us not to mention kick us while we’re down. Through poor management from both sides of the political spectrum we are in danger of losing much of what was gained and that which sets us apart from countries with no true welfare support systems. I find it rather defeating also. Jenni

  2. There was a piece freshly pressed yesterday or the day before that spoke of the need to approach writing like any other activity. That is, we will find times when we need to take a break and rest. It sounds like maybe you’ve reached that point?

  3. Hmmmm…I’m not a writer but that must be tough. How about putting that story aside for a while, not leaving incomplete, just having a break from it? Maybe inspiration will grab you as a surprise one day when you’re not focused on it?

      1. I was thinking about you just now as I was out riding my bike; whilst I ride I get so much inspiration, I literally have to get into the house and write down all of the recipe ideas and thoughts that have literally flown into my head as I’ve flown through the countryside. Maybe a walk or some yoga or a ride is an idea? I find my mind just opens up so much I can’t stop the ideas xx

      2. Thank you Elaine, I have never tried yoga but I do like to ride my bike maybe that’s what has been missing time to just stop and think , I’m trying to squeeze my writing in usually at the end of my day and by then I’m so exhausted . Sunday should be nice weather I think ill Dexter for a long long walk. Thank you dear friend for thinking of me xxxx

  4. Elaine’s idea sounds like a plan to me. When I was actively writing I could jot down notes wherever I happened to be, then stick them in a file for when I needed the inspiration. When I felt blocked I could pull out the file to see if anything applied. Or I could just set it aside and knit a sweater while clearing my mind for a while.

    On another subject, I’ve created an Angel Award for all my friends. Stop by my blog Award Day, and pick one up. No rules, just for the angels in my life, and you are one of them.

  5. It happens to all artists. There are really two choices. You can fight your way through it. Or, you can take a break. I recommend the latter. If you are a writer, as you are, take a break for as long as it takes. During this time the only thing you should write is your grocery list. πŸ™‚ Trust me… with a photographer and a musician in the house, I’ve learned by experience. — Ray

  6. Can you take up the story on the other side of the bit that is stopping you?
    i’m not a writer…though I’m trying to collect my material together for a book about my time in France and am continually frustrated by all the calls on my time…petty stuff, but it breaks up my train of thought time after time.

  7. All I know is that I was feeling uninspired in my blog writing and took up the 25 song challenge… boy was I out of my mind when I thought that would be an easy way to get past it all! LOL

    I hope that you find inspiration and start liking your story again!

  8. It happens to us all. You could try writing a scene further in the story, or throwing in something completely unexpected. Maybe you could even write the ending. If you write something within the same work that evokes response and fresh ideas, it could help. You have nothing to lose. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. In that situation I usually write notes about what I want to happen in the scene or section and then move on, working backwards.

      1. Yes, that can be a problem. Give me a shout if you’re still struggling and I’ll see what else pops into my head πŸ˜‰ Sometimes the support is in the motivation! x

  9. Happens to me too, wish the days had more hours in it. But as Natalie commented I did realise to just take it easy and not stress out. No point in doing so, probably if I did it would be worst for my already bad writing. Or semi- bad writing.

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