How hard is it to make toast??? Not very hard right? Even someone with limited cooking knowledge should be right with toasting a piece of bread. So how come no matter how much I try I hardly ever get it right?

It’s either so badly burnt that the smoke alarm is blaring, or undercooked so it tastes like a warmed up piece of bread. I have tried adjusting the settings of the toaster but that doesn’t help much, seems the only thing I can really do is stand next to the toaster and push the button every couple of minutes to make sure it is cooked right. But who has time for that? So I opt to take my chances kind of like a roulette and hope for the best.

Today’s toast was a flop. Again. My daughter was quick to point out that it had been over done and this was the second attempt, I’d binned the first lot. My son’s toast on the other hand was underdone.

I follow many food blogs that I love and despite how it may sound I’m not that bad of a cook, but toast has me beat. I wonder if there is a sure fire way to cook toast so that it is not overdone or under cooked? Surely I can’t possibly be the only person who struggles with this.



33 thoughts on “Toast

      1. Thank you i feel a bit better now. Luckily the kids have more cereal or pancakes or croissants for breakfast and not so much toast, I really don’t have time in the morning to sit beside the toaster and watch it.

      1. No!!!! I don’t get that. If you use the toaster on the same setting it should work. Do you use the cancel button and get it to pop up every so often and keep an eye on it?

  1. put it in the grill – that way you just turn it over and pull it out when it’s how you want it. I know how frustrating it is for something so simple to appear impossible. I really enjoy cooking and I’m good at it but I can’t make jelly gel – it’s either a slush puppy or so rubberized you could use it for tire tread. I follow the instruction to the letter but it never works out. Just one of those things I guess – so I’ve admitted defeat and when I need it for part of a desert of something I get my husband to make it.

  2. I think there should be a support group for people like us. I, too, struggle with toast! Well, and anything related to using an oven or stove. **sigh**

  3. I think its very likely a problem with your toaster, or maybe it’s set at too high a mode for toasting.
    What I do when I used to make toast or grill bread is if it got blackened,I used a knife to gently scrape the burnt parts off.

    The toast was as good as afterwards.

    Nothing beats a good cheese-on-toast with baked beans though. Scrummy!!


  4. I use the grill…I can see what it is doing…but the best toast I remember was the toast we made in front of an open fire in winter as children, our faces red from the fire as we speared the crusty bread onto an extending toasting fork and thrust it toward the flames, being careful to be quick with the butter when it was done to have it properly melting into the toast.

  5. I’ve been burning toast for half a century. I finally just called it a talent and started scraping. I’ve had the Fire Department in my apartment 5 times, because the smoke was too much for the fan over the stove. They call me the burnt grilled cheese lady now. It’s just another train wreck for me.

    1. Lol burnt toast certainly makes lots of smoke, it is a great way to test the smoke alarms and check they are working properly lol fortunately I haven’t had the fire department around but you should see me waving a tea towel madly beneath the smoke alarm trying to disperse the smoke so that it can stop beeping.

  6. Toast is one of the few things I am proud to say I cook well. Or, maybe my family and I just aren’t as fussy about toast … I’m sticking to the ‘I do it well’ motto lol . My secret white bread needs longer than raisin bread and Helga bread needs longer than other brands of bread. :))

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