The Mutt’s Nutts


Today I was lucky enough to have tickets to the hilarious comedy show “The Mutt’s Nutts” featuring international Dog Listener Tony Knight.

The event which was a dinner and show was part of The Melbourne Comedy Festival. Ticket sales were in support of The Golden Retriever Rescue Organization, so not only did we have an awesome time but we were supporting a great cause at the sand time.

Tony Knight entertained the crowd with his side splitting stories from the other side of the leash.

He offered valuable insight on how dogs think and act. Not surprisingly dogs behave a lot like humans we were informed as we are both pack animals.

I laughed a lot and had a lovely meal in a quaint little pizzeria. The company was great in fact the whole evening was my idea of heaven.


11 thoughts on “The Mutt’s Nutts

  1. Sounds like a great show, Diana. Do you have any dogs under your care right now? (I always feel weird writing ‘HAVE dogs/cats/pets’, because it makes it seem like you own them).

    Interesting that Tony refers to himself as a ‘dog listener’ as opposed to ‘dog whisperer’.

    1. Hi, yes I have a Dalmatian cross named Dexter, he is a lovely happy bouncy boy and I also have 2 cats and two parrots a Quaker and a Rainbow Lorikeet. I too thought it was interesting that he referred to himself as a dog listener as opposed to whisperer, I think it is because he tries to educate the person and not the dog. Thank you for stopping by.

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