The Day after


Now that Easter is over and the mini break is almost finished there is a sense of sadness in the air today. I don’t know about you but my family has been spending today doing as little as possible.

Tomorrow things go back to normal. School holidays are over, and all the extra curriculum activities will be resuming again, work recommences routine returns.

Today has been the perfect ending to a lovely long weekend that was filled with family, food and festivities.

21 thoughts on “The Day after

  1. I hope you’ve had a lovely time xx it’s the same here, Ben is back to school tomorrow; my husband doesn’t get the bank holidays off anyway, so he’s been at work Friday, Saturday and today, so the weekend has been no biggie in our house anyway 😦 just a quiet day today x

      1. He doesn’t get bank holidays off so when everyone else is planning for long weekends, it’s no different for us, I never realise they’re coming up until other people talk about it!! X

      2. Yes and it’s always been the same so we are used to it xx and anyway, maybe now I’ll be busy on bank holidays making food for other peoples days off???

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