My son has a better social life than me!

My son has a better social life than me! This thought is going through my mind as I wait in the cinema foyer for him to come out of the new Spider-Man 2 movie he is watching with his friends. Not that I should really complain my social life is very full.

I use to be the kind of person who would pass up on opportunities to get out and have fun. I had this idealistic notion in my head that if my husband didn’t want to do something or go somewhere that I shouldn’t either.

The only problem is that my husband is a real home body he doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. He is truly happiest when he is home out on the deck doing his own thing.

It was very liberating when I finally made the conscious decision to go on with my life without him. Now when ever an opportunity presents I take it. I am doing more, having more fun, and I think my marriage is that much better off because of it.

Nowadays whenever my husband and I do go out it is because we both want to and not just because I am dragging him along someplace he does not want to go. So we inevitably end up having more fun.

There are times I know, that I wish he would want to do more with me, and I know there are times when he wishes I didn’t want to do as much but unfortunately that is life and as long as we maintain a nice balance I think we are both happy.

You shouldn’t have to give up the things you like just to be with someone, they should ultimately love you because of those things, because that is what makes you, you.


14 thoughts on “My son has a better social life than me!

  1. I love this post! I have always done things on my own. My friends were, or I mean are, into more “cool stuff”, and I have always loved to go and see plays in the theater, see exhibitions in galleries and attend classical concerts. No one ever wants to accompany me, so I go alone, I figure it would be a shame if I miss what I want to do just because I can’t get anyone to do it with me! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I’m not married, never have been, but I have never understood people who won’t do something they really want to – because their spouse doesn’t want to! I never, ever understood that – so I’m very happy to hear that it doesn’t have to be that way, that there are some marriages where people are still themselves and can have individual interests and activities to balance out the joint ones!
    Congrats on finding that balance!

    And, yes, my son has a more active social life than me, and I have a busy one! We keep a master calender in the kitchen so that we don’t double book ourselves! LOL

  3. My mother has more of a social life than I do! She’s always on the go and doing something with someone. Or working on some project on her own. I want a more busy life, but living in a country where I am still learning the local language makes it a bit of a challenge. I’m working on it though. One day at a time.

  4. I love that! Ben definitely has a better social life than me, but then, I’m happy at home these days; I’ve spent my life talking, my jobs have all been about talking and I think I’ve just run out of wanting to talk so much now!!
    Your last sentence made me recall when I married Graham: he had always played football, consquently he had gorgoeus legs, but that aside, my unlce asked me if i would now stop Graham playing football. WHAT??? I was stunned! Why on earth would i do that?? i think that was more of a reflection on my controlling Aunt…!

  5. Very happy to hear that you are still together!! Not sure if your son has a better social life. I think each person has his/her own needs for what they want to fill their free time with, and if they feel like they have enough and they are happy, then adding more does not necessarily add to the level of happiness. My boyfriend is also a home-dweller… 🙂

      1. Ooh, I also think that we need different things in various stages of our lives. I feel that now I’m withdrawing, not the super-social butterfly I once was, but it’s what I need. I take care of special friends, who I can’t live without, but acquaintances are not so important to me anymore 🙂

      2. Yes that seems to happen the older we get. You are right it all depends on what stage of your life you are at. When my children were young I was happy at home, there was lots to do. Now that they are getting older and are a lot more independent I am enjoying doing things with them and with the girls.

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