I was so disappointed today! My son has finally joined a soccer team something he has been wanting to do for a while now, and the soccer season is about to kick off on Sunday. Today only 3 days before the opening game we were advised that we would finally be collecting the uniforms and kits, for which we have paid quite handsomely for I might add, back in November last year when we first registered for soccer.

I received a text message this morning asking if I would be able to help out with the distributing of the kits, to which I said ofcourse I would. So as promised I turned up early ready to help out, only to discover the most chaotic, the most unorganised event I could have ever imagined.

All the sizes they ordered were all wrong, apparently they have a large amount of XXS and Mediums but no Small sizes. Even the few children that did mange to get their kits today did not necessarily receive the correct size.

I mean come on people, what a disgrace!! The children are so excited so looking forward to finally receiving their gear and then this. You only had 6 months to arrange this. How could you mess up so badly? What happens to the kids that won’t have a uniform in which to play in on Sunday?

The people who were so called in charge today had no idea, they were totally clueless. Our boys don’t even have their player jerseys yet. How bad is that!

I was really looking forward to soccer, I know how much this means to my son, and I was so pleased that he was finally going to get a chance to play the sport he loves so much, however if today was any indication of what we can expect from the club, then I am really worried.


15 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Have had this happen to some kids I used to coach. As disappointing as it is, sometimes you’re more disappointed than your kids are, who just want to play and have fun.

    1. I think you are right Matt, Harry wasn’t too worried but fortunately we have shorts and socks which are similar from when he played indoor soccer, I think had we not had that he would have been really worried, kids don’t want to look different from everyone else. Our poor coach was really frustrated yesterday he hadn’t even received his coaches kit. Fingers crossed the rest of the season will be wonderful and the boys will get to play soccer and have fun. 😊

  2. I am shocked and I feel terrible for those children whose hope was dashed. I don’t even know what to say. Sunday is going to roll around, and the team won’t be ready!

    1. It was just crazy Pam, instead of someone from the committee taking charge and just saying right how many children don’t have shorts and socks, and how can we get some for those children? one person would be like wait I’ll find so and so they will know what to do, half an hour later so and so would arrive and sratch their head in wonder and then go off looking for someone else. Two and half hours later we are no closer to an outcome and I had to go it was my nephews birthday and we were expected for dinner. Hopefully they will get their act together for Sunday.

  3. What a shame! I feel your disappointment 😦 we had a similar situation with kits for Ben’s team at the start of this season..and the coaches have been just as disorganised as the kit situation suggested they would be!!!

  4. I have such a hard time dealing with stuff like that!! I don’t understand when people don’t manage better and it really freaks me out and makes me anxious!! I hate that the season has started out so rough!! 😦 I’m sure it will get better!

    1. Thank you Kate. I’m like you I can’t understand people being so unorganised. I am a very busy person I always have a lot going on both at work and at home, in order to get things done there needs to be a system some form of organisation otherwise you just have chaos. Nobody can function in chaos can they?

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