Sunday fun day


Can’t believe the weekend is almost over. Here in Melbourne we have been lucky enough to have yet another long weekend and for that I feel very spoilt, but all good things must end alas.

The highlight of my weekend was definitely Harry’s soccer game. Somehow the soccer club managed to get all the boys jumpers and socks for them to wear today, so although they didn’t actually win their first game for the season they all looked amazing and played really well. To see his beaming happy face as he came off that field was just priceless.




16 thoughts on “Sunday fun day

  1. Lucky for long weekends, right? 🙂 We are actually in Melbourne at the moment and flying back tomorrow so we still have one more day off… An extra long weekend for us!!
    Today was lovely, albeit chilly 🙂
    Congrats to Harry!!

  2. oh wow – the soccer shots are great – and this is the first time we are not doing spring sports – well we will do informal basketball – but my kids are older (time flies) and well, I appreciated the shots int his post – the open green and then the sitting shot. savor the days (sounds like you are) and hope your long weekend is nice.:)

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