Anything to do with animals is always good.

Today has been a busy day but a rather productive one, so that is always a good thing. I feel exhausted now, kind of like that group of ducks (flock of ducks?? Gaggle of ducks? Anyway you get the picture), that waddled across the busy road this afternoon ever so slowly and nearly caused a major accident.

It’s not something you see everyday, and aside from one idiot who obviously has no regard for animal life nor his own life, judging by the way he sped past narrowly missing one of our friends. Everyone else was happy to wait a couple of minutes while these amusing birds waddled on by.

The ducks certainly brought a smile to our faces, and just reaffirmed what I already know to be true, and that is it that anything that has to do with animals is always good.


12 thoughts on “Anything to do with animals is always good.

  1. Oh my gosh, I SO agree!! ANYTHING that has to do with animals makes me smile and just makes me want to get out of my car and kiss them all!! I can’t believe some people- how mean they treat animals!! Animals should be admired and loved!!!

  2. wow – ducks corssing…. this reminded me of that old children’s book – “Make way for ducklings…”
    anyhow, glad nobody was hurt…. we once had to wait for a turtle to cross in Florida – and I got a bit of it on video. lol
    have a nice day…

  3. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    Lovely piece from 5 Minutes More – which is an apt blog title considering the content of this piece. I remember when living in the Welsh mountains 35 years ago sitting for 15 minutes while a flock of sheep were moved from one part of the mountain to another. I crept along in my car about 20 feet back from the flock and tried to curb my impatience. Anyway – 15 minutes and I was on my way – I rounded the first bend in the road and came upon a car accident between a tractor and a family car – no-one was seriously hurt and the local police were already on scene. I had to wait while the road was cleared and got chatting to a farmer. He told me that the accident happened 20 minutes earlier. About the same time I was held up by the sheep!

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